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Science of Reading: Vocabulary - What EdLeaders Should Know

  In the first episode of this series on the EdLeader podcast , I spent time introducing the Science of Reading. If you have not listened to that episode, I would like to encourage you to spend a few moments with it as it grounds the series and undergirds the deconstruction of Reading Comprehension that I am attempting. If you are looking for that episode, it is episode 69 on the EdLeader playlist. Previous episodes in the Science of Reading series have focused on the strands of fluency, background knowledge, sight word recognition, verbal reasoning, literacy knowledge, decoding, language structures, and phonological awareness. With this episode, we finish deconstructing the reading rope. Today, I am pulling out the strand of vocabulary.  Before focusing on this episode’s topic, let’s reflect on the foundation for this series.  The Science of Reading is undergirded by theories of how students learn to read and comprehend text. At the very basic level is the Simple View of Reading Th

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