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EdLeader Podcast 2.3 Transformational Leadership with Dr. Pascal Mubenga

In this episode of EdLeader, Dr. Jackson sits down with Durham Public Schools  Superintendent Dr. Pascal Mubenga to discuss transformational leadership. Since being sworn in as superintendent in 2017, the district has seen increases in student academic progress and school performance, as well as improvement in the cohort graduation rate. Most notably, as student results improved, the district's enrollment grew by 500 students in one year, for the first time in four years. Dr. Mubenga works tirelessly in leading the school district to "ignite the limitless potential" of its students. Dr. Mubenga's Four Principles of Transformational LeadershipRaise the bar for the level of performance through high expectations;Provide outstanding support through a service oriented approach to our schools (teachers and principals) and our students and their families;Hold everyone accountable in their roles and responsibilities for increasing student achievement; andCelebrate successes …

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